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Victims of a murderously incompetent government, unite! ADCOVID founded in Spain-

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So far, officially 14,555 people have died of the coronavirus in Spain. That makes it the country with the highest number of deaths per one million inhabitants and represents a rate 30 times higher than the global average. Also, until today about 15% of all health personnel have been infected. This is especially worrisome as they are almost 150,000 Spaniards that have contracted this dangerous disease, and the total death rate around the globe has jumped to over 20% on average, according to https://www.worldometers.info/.

Due to a slow government response, the Spanish health system, allegedly in better times one of the best in the world, has basically collapsed: many older patients die because there is a shortage of respirators or are not even send to a hospital anymore. A fire fighter in Madrid reported recently that on one single day, he and his colleagues had to recover 20 bodies of persons who had died alone at home and that the number of cases where they had to break into a flat had increased by 60% in March.

As a consequence of this widespread chaos, a new association called ADCOVID (Asociación de Víctimas del Coronavirus) has been founded with the purpose to “assist and represent all those citizens that, as a result of the government’s ineffectiveness and irresponsibility, have lost family members and loved ones, as well as to support all those whose future prospects have been ruined, all this caused by our rulers’ passivity and lack of prevision”.

ADCOVID consists of a group of persons that represent different sectors of Spanish society: lawyers, health workers, psychologists, small and medium business owners, self-employed professionals and freelancers.

All the persons that comprise this association act “on a non-profit basis, selflessly, contributing to its sustainability on their own. Furthermore, one of the requisites for membership is the non-affiliation to any political party. It’s composed of all ideologies or ideas, even though the ultimate goal of all members is to support, help and cooperate with those citizens that feel defenseless and helpless, realizing that the right to life and to the benefits of the welfare state are not being guaranteed or represented by this government, nor by the various political opposition parties, which try to obtain political benefits from this situation, putting their own interests before those of all citizens”.

Its goals are to take legal action against the current political leadership that ignored the warnings issued in late January by the head of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Program, the Irishman Dr. Mike Ryan. In memory of those friends and relatives who died alone and often without any dignity, but all had names, ADCOVID wants to avoid that with the passage of time, they become mere statistical data without a voice.

The Association will also start civil action in the name of those harmed, which lost their jobs, businesses, shops or even homes. It will listen to all those who need to vent themselves while they face coming uncertainty, helping and orientating them in the best way possible.

ADCOVID wants to act faster than those to come with the intention of taking advantage of the prevalent bewilderment and vulnerability, simply seeking business opportunities.

Those belonging to this Association want “to contribute their grain of sand just like many other persons that help within their possibilities, disinterestedly, without looking for any compensation or economic benefit”.

The different professionals that collaborate with this Association will not receive any remuneration for any services provided and cover all expenses themselves. Any potential financial profit obtained through their interventions and actions will be donated to those most affected that have requested support from this Association.

The idea sounds great, and the reigning scoundrels shouldn’t get away with their catastrophic handling of the pandemic. But considering the local bureaucracy, the hard-nosed politicians and the fact that time has no value in this country, the petitioners will need the patience of a saint. In a society that is no longer shaped by Christian values, that’s not a good premise!

P.D: Since when there is a RIGHT to live in a welfare state? Isn’t that a privilege? At least until it runs out of money in the foreseeable future?

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