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Thursday, February 2, 2023

The Tiger goes, the Rabbit comes!

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Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman
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According to the traditional lunar calendar, today the Year of the Tiger is coming to a close. People in Greater China and the Chinese diaspora all around the world will take a well-deserved break.

We finally saw the end of the COVID pandemic, but also the beginning of the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia, including the total overreaction of the United States and its European lackeys.

It was (and still is) a strange mix of supposed moral superiority and open warmongering, not to mention the extremely counterproductive economic sanctions against the Kremlin.

At the same time, a lot of commentators were (and still are) worried that the Red Mandarins in Peking will take the chance to attack Taiwan, to where I moved back 18 months ago. But personally, I don’t believe that will happen anytime soon.

What’s for sure is that I will get a lot busier with my food stall. So, I might have less and less time to post regularly. Anyway, no matter what happens to this blog project, I wish all of my readers a prosperous Year of the Rabbit!

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