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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Middle East

Turkish Airlines has finally become a truly European enterprise

First of all I would like to point out how extremely lucky I feel to be back in Taiwan from Europe without long delays....

Sleepy Joe’s premature “victory speech”

After CNN announced that he had won the recent presidential election, Joe Biden has proclaimed himself the 46th President of the United States. At...

Bashar al-Assad, a well-educated autocrat

Bashar al-Assad, the second son of former Syrian ruler Hafez al-Assad (1930-2000) and his wife Anisa Makhlouf (1930-2016), who took over the presidency of...

Edgar Snow, pioneering apologist of the Mao cult

Edgar Snow’s groundbreaking book Red Star over China from 1937 remains tarnished by its one-sidedness.

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