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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Spain bids farewell to Spanish as official language of the State

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Flying Dutchman
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With the support of radical Separatists, the current central government in Madrid formed by Socialists and Communists did another step towards totalitarianism when the Senate passed a new education law on December 23rd, 2020 with 142 votes in favor, 112 against and nine abstentions.

Making obsolete its predecessor of December 2013, the LOMCE, better known as “Wert Law” after then-minister José Ignacio Wert, it will be the eighth attempt since 1980 to mess with education in a country where one third of 15-year-old students have repeated a grade, nearly double the average of other developed countries.

Under the LOMLOE, popularly known as the “Celaá Law” after Minister of Education and Vocational Training Isabel Celaá, Spanish will no longer be the vehicular language of instruction and the official language of the State.

This is certainly a concession to Catalonia’s long-applied “linguistic immersion” model that tries to impose Catalan on everybody, as well as to the Basque Country and Galicia.

Called “sectarian” by the opposition and described as “the biggest attack on education of our entire democratic history”, the very controversial bill will affect 8.2 million non-university students.

Some of its members have urged the European Union (EU) to take action so that children can be educated in their mother tongue and criticize the abolition of instruments for “verification, analysis and control”.

Another prime target are the escuelas concertadas, schools subsidized with public funds that are managed privately. Attended by about 25% of all pupils, they usually provide a much better learning environment.

The financial assistance provided to them will be gradually reduced and the mid-term goal is their total disappearance, as many of them are run by the Catholic Church and/or defend more traditional ways of life.

On the other hand, a representation of students from low-income families, which often are not really interested in or simply not capable of academic achievements, will be forced upon them.

Still, in the name of progress, in the future students will only be held back once in primary school and twice throughout the mandatory education system, even if they have failed more than two subjects.

Extracurricular activities that must be paid for will not be allowed within school hours and city councils will not be able to cede public land for the construction of education centers that are not public.

Feminist indoctrination will increase further by promoting so-called “gender equality” in all areas of study, which promotes the false idea that women are only underrepresented in certain areas due to discrimination by men, not by their interests and natural inclinations.

The LOMLOE is also supposed to promote “environmental sustainability”, asking regional governments to reduce the impact that education centers have on the environment and create “safe paths” to allow students to walk to school.

As the Left in the West is obsessed with leveling, the special schools that cater to the specific needs of 35,000 mentally handicapped children will be gradually merged with normal ones, further contributing to the lowering of standards.

Religion or an alternative subject that must be taken by those who do not choose it will remain mandatory, but no longer count for the average grade, relevant for access to university and obtaining scholarships.

Passed just before Christmas and in the middle of a pandemic, the “Celaá Law” can only be considered another milestone on the road leading to the dumbing down and ultimately the destruction of the Spanish nation.

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