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My old friend, the dedicated doctor

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Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman
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Recently I went back to see the first Chinese medicine doctor that I ever consulted in Taiwan, which back then I found through a misunderstanding after hurting my back badly while doing a certain kind of accompanied exercise on my bed.

The misery became evident the next morning, as I could hardly move and had to take half a day off work. Basically I crawled to the little clinic near the place where I was living back at the time.

Despite my pitiful condition, the physician and I got along quite well from the very beginning as he inspired confidence in me. We are almost of the same age and I liked the personal treatment he gave his patients, no matter how busy the place was.

After acupuncture, electrotherapy and a hot compress, it was time for tuina, a therapeutic form of massage nowadays quite popular in the West, and available even in Valencia.

The masseur was a very short guy with a quite firm grip. Though when he decided to put all of his body weight on my injured back and I heard a loud cracking sound, I thought I would be paralyzed for life.

Instead, all my pain was gone and I could move properly again. Full of gratitude I thanked him effusively and went directly to my office. Up to this day, more than 20 years later, this remains one of the most impressive experiences I have ever had with traditional Chinese medicine.

Even after I moved out of the area, I kept seeing that one doctor regularly for a couple of years. Due to an unfortunate personal decision that would influence his working environment very negatively, much to my regret at the end I had to find an alternative.

Since I moved to Songshan district in August 2021 after my return to Asia last year, out of convenience I have visited three Chinese medicine doctors in my new neighborhood.

Keeping in mind that often Chinese medicine shows no immediate results and requires the patient to be patient, so to speak, I was particularly unhappy with their attitude.

Although not to the same extent, all of them seemed to have the same problem: being in a rush, even if I was the only client at that time of the day. I agree that time is money, but not at all cost!

Besides that, and in spite of the fact that I’m aware of the complicated legal situation created by what I would call the “massage lobby”, none of them offered any tuina at all, which in the midrange I find inacceptable.

So I decided to check out if that first doctor still had his practice. To my great delight, that was the case. His wife first didn’t recognize me, as I have lost a lot of weight since she last saw me, but strangely enough could remember my Chinese name after I gave her a hint.

Her husband suddenly appeared from behind a curtain with his usual friendly smile and commented that once he heard my voice, he knew immediately who I was.

We had a brief chat and I made clear how glad I was to see them again, although the female boss isn’t always easy to deal with due to her sales mentality.

Anyway, since last week I have become a regular visitor there again. The equipment is still the same, though also the doctor’s dedication and his willingness to do his best to help.

Until my tendonitis gets better, following his recommendation I’m now taking the metro instead of cycling for half an hour. Although before I had just to walk three minutes, currently it’s time and money well spent.

I’m supporting an old friend and getting the best care available through the public health system, already the one of the best in the world. What else can I expect?

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