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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Lawsuit against Twitter and new demonstrations announced in Spain

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The right-wing Spanish party Vox is to file a lawsuit against social media giant Twitter for allowing the hashtag #MataraAbascal (#TokillAbascal), which openly called for the assassination of its leader Santiago Abascal, to become a trend for approximately six hours on Saturday, May 9th.

Spokesman Jorge Buxadé said that “It represents a very serious breach of Twitter´s own norms” and that the threat against the party´s leader was “inacceptable”. After accusing the PSOE socialists in a tweet to “promote pederasty with public money”, Abascal’s own account was closed in January 2020 for several weeks for supposedly “generating hate”.

Buxadé also stated that “We can’t tolerate that Twitter is canceling the accounts of Spanish citizens, and our own party, for mere statements, which are all covered by freedom of expression and don’t break the company’s rules of conduct, while such violations by those who want to harm Abascal are allowed”.

At the same time, Abascal announced anti-government demonstrations by car in various provincial capitals all over Spain on May 23rd, one day before the last extension of the current lockdown is scheduled to end. Details like the slogan to be used or the exact time and route will be disclosed during the next couple of days.

“We are confident that the Spanish government keeps in mind that our Constitution guarantees the right of association and the right to demonstrate, which even during a state of emergency can’t be infringed upon.” He pointed out that a possible rejection of the planned demonstration by the pertinent authorities would “prove” that a “covert state of exception” has been imposed.

On May 11th, inhabitants of various streets in Madrid hold noisy protests by banging pots and pans on their balconies, while they also asked for the government to resign and shouted “freedom, freedom”. Police agents reminded passersby that such actions were not allowed. This is the second time this month that security forces try to curb such activities.

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