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jueves, diciembre 7, 2023
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Alive and kicking!

Due to various circumstances, since April last year I have been unable to post any longer article. Therefore, during February I seriously doubted if...

Before the Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Ox is coming to an end today and the last week was one to forget as quickly as possible, both...

Reorganizing my schedule

Another month has gone by without me publishing a real article, not just an update. Therefore I have decided to ration my time more...

After six weeks

It´s amazing how times flies! Six weeks have passed since my last post, which means that at the end I wasn’t able to resume...

A sign of life from Taiwan

Dear readers, after a long break I decided to show a sign of life on my 54th birthday. While I'm still in strict confinement...

Some reflections on the occasion of my 300th article in less than a year

While I was still living in Taiwan, some people asked me to start writing a blog because they thought that I had many interesting...

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