Technical issues

No further comments necessary...

Due to technical issues, not to external interference, this blog was offline for about two weeks. Luckily, it has been restored to its former glory.

Unfortunately, all the articles published from December 2022 on are temporarily unavailable. My tech wizard is working diligently to solve this problem.

I want to thank those who asked me what was going on, worried that another non-woke voice on the Internet had been silenced. Now I’m back and quite motivated after this imposed break!

Blatant censorship in so-called democratic countries is increasing by the day. I have witnessed it personally and in real time on Facebook. Therefore, their concern was totally justified.

Anyway, since beginning of April I spent much more time at my food stall. Currently, I’m there every day. Therefore, postings will be less frequent, hopefully twice a month.

But as I do enjoy writing and have been encouraging to do so by almost all of my readers, this project will be continued. Soon there will be a chance to make little donations. Thanks for all your support!


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