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Archivos mensuales: Septiembre, 2022

Being sexually harassed in Taiwan

Disclosure is a 1994 Hollywood movie, directed by Barry Levinson (born in 1942), starring Michael Douglas (born in 1944), Demi Moore (born in 1962) and Donald Sutherland (born in...

Lovely earthquake island

Unknown to many in the West, Taiwan is blessed with some unique natural beauty. Its 168 mountains that top 3000 meters, squeezed into just 32,260...

My father witnessed the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

The House of Windsor is a British dynasty originally called Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, after a duchy in Thuringia, in the heart of Germany, from where...

The European high standard of hygiene is relative

When I started offering my home-made food at a traditional market near where I live in May, my neighbor to the left was selling...

Lovely old gentlemen

The term “Mainlanders” essentially refers to the group of people from all over China and extremely different backgrounds that arrived in Taiwan between the end...

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