My recent debut as a street food vendor in Taiwan

My first food stand in Taipei City, complete with a small German flag

Around 7:00 AM, on Saturday, April 30th, 2022, I finally started selling my homemade Berlin meatballs and potato salad, as well as some nice German bread provided by a Taiwanese friend who learned to process bakery products and pastry near Cologne.

After contacting four persons offering a space to rent out, I finally went for the option that also provided a table and a chair, which interestingly enough was also the cheapest.

The improvised stand is located very close to the apartment that I moved to last August, after my long-delayed return to Taiwan, at a traditional Chinese fruit and vegetable market.

It went pretty well, and I was sold out after approximately four hours. On this very first day, I even had a foreign customer, who according to his own words was a Spanish gypsy.

Judging by his appearance, that was most likely true. I grew up with them in Valencia, so I know them well. This one was actually quite nice and we had a short, friendly chat.

I saw an Australian teacher from the American School in Taipei passing by with his wife, both regular visitors in the area, carrying plenty of bags. We greeted each other briefly, but as they seemed to be in a hurry, I had no chance to lure him to where I was. Well, next time then!

This week I plan to return for the whole weekend, starting on Friday morning. Today I began preparing the food to be sold then, as currently I have to do most of the work on my own.

My new girlfriend is very eager to help, though due to family obligations she’s only available from Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening. In any case, I appreciate her dedication and company very much!

The nice lady selling corn just next to me that manages the stand for the main lessee recommended me to be there quite early and she was right. I almost immediately had two curios customers who ended up buying.

Furthermore, a recently purchased German table flag was blowing in the at times strong wind, drawing the attention of an elderly woman whose son lived in Germany and had married a local. So, I was spontaneously invited to take a quick look at a picture of her three grandchildren!

All in all it was a total success! I’m glad that I did it at last, as for various reasons I kept postponing it. Now that this window of opportunity has opened for just a month, I plan to make the most of it. Wish me luck!