Twitter soon to be owned by an African American?

The world's richest man, Elon Musk, was born in 1971 in Pretoria.

The world’s richest man, Elon Musk (born 1971) recently announced his intention to buy Twitter, infamous for its censorship of conservatives, to restore freedom of speech on that social media platform.

The Left is panicking again and taking down its illiberal mask a little bit further. You could even call their open hostility towards an African American blatantly racist. 

Although this artificial, inaccurate term, created in 1988 by notorious race hustler Jessie Jackson (born 1941), theoretically only refers to Blacks, in reality Mr. Musk, who obtained a US passport in 2002, also falls into that category as his cradle had stood in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa.

Back in the 1990s, after graduating from the Free University of Berlin, I originally had the intention to get a PhD from one of the country’s most renowned institutions: the University of the Witwatersrand.

My planned subject was the complex relationship between the pariah States Taiwan and South Africa (while also taking into consideration Israel) during the Cold War (1947-1991).

Unfortunately, I got rejected for a scholarship after eight long months and spending almost 40 US dollars on a fax requesting information about my application.

Not long after, at a local party I mentioned this frustrating failure to a student from South Africa of German descent who wanted to become a park ranger.

He smiled and said very calmly: «Don’t take it personally, but there are three main reading why your plan failed: you are White, you are male, and you are ten years too late.»

This interesting young fellow also stated that he wanted to return to Africa as soon possible because he was missing the amazing landscape of his homeland.

Although not Black, he definitely identified himself as an African who belonged to the continent where he was born, just as the non-Black North Africans do with complete instinctiveness.

Little did I know that once back in Taiwan in 1999, I would become good friends with quite a few White South Africans, with one exception all of them Afrikaners.

Despite their demonization by the progressive media in the West, they were by far the most likeable Western foreigners that I have met in Taiwan. Honest, sociable, hardworking guys.

Most of all they weren’t racist, they just had a realistic view of the much trumpeted «New South Africa». Some of them (reluctantly) went back to the Cape of Good Hope.

Others watched in horror from Asia how their nation quickly suffered the fate of a Third World country, with widespread corruption, exploding crime rates and a total decay of a once topnotch infrastructure.

The usual suspects are pretending to defend democracy by openly calling for the suppression of opinions they don’t like. At the same time these people criticize at war Russia and Communist China for doing just that. 

Their worst fear seems to be the alleged return of Donald Trump (born 1946), who, incredibly, was banned while still in the White House, if Musk’s hostile takeover is successful.

This makes perfect sense for them, as the suspicious outcome of the 2020 presidential election in the US, when Trump was replaced by Sleepy Joe, also known as Joe Biden, currently can’t be mentioned on Twitter.

It’s very ironic that the person mainly responsible for Twitter’s policy of increasingly banishing politically incorrect views, CEO Parag Agrawal, (born 1984) is himself an immigrant and moved to the US as recently as 2005.

In India the press traditionally hasn’t enjoyed too much freedom. So why didn’t Mr. Agrawal, who in 2020 publicly stated not be bound by the First Amendment of the US Constitution, which gives Americans the right to freely express their opinions, didn’t just stay home?

Why did he instead bring those authoritarian ideas, disguised as diversity, openness and pluralism, from the Indian subcontinent to the New World? It also reflects a very arrogant personality, typical for the Upper Class.

So let’s hope that a South African/American soon cleans up the mess created by the current intolerant masters of Twitter, restoring at least some credibility to Western countries.