Alive and kicking!

Poster for the 1959 British comedy film Alive and Kicking

Due to various circumstances, since April last year I have been unable to post any longer article. Therefore, during February I seriously doubted if keeping my blog alive made any sense, especially from a financial point of view.

Nevertheless, as I have noticed that very recently the number of first time visitors has increased, this morning I took the spontaneous decision to keep it running for another year.

At the same time, as I seem to have now mostly recovered from another depression, I will embrace the challenge and write here periodically again. Not every day, though hopefully at least once a week.

One source will be the translations of a German newspaper column that unfortunately got cancelled around Chinese New Year due to an insufficient number of readers interested in Asian affairs.

The other main focus will be the Ukraine conflict and of course many topics related to my adopted home country Taiwan, of which some commentators say it might face a similar fate…

Anyway, it feels good to be motivated again. I shall take advantage of my current optimistic mood and provide some insights very distinct from the mainstream media. For that, I count on your support!