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Archivos mensuales: Marzo, 2022

Dreamland Europe?

The extremely positive image that Taiwanese have of Europe surprises me again and again. It might nowadays even be better than the one they...

The Western recycling expert meets his Eastern master

Recycling in Taipei is nowadays very strict, even more than it used to be when I moved out of the capital in 2014 to...

A rained out swimming pool experience

Since I returned to Taiwan in late spring last year, besides using Taipei City’s convenient and affordable YouBike renting system more and more, I...

Another totally justified fight against absolute evil?

I have to admit that the sheer magnitude of the military actions taken by Russia against Ukraine immediately after the Peking Winter Olympics caught...

Alive and kicking!

Due to various circumstances, since April last year I have been unable to post any longer article. Therefore, during February I seriously doubted if...

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