Two touristic setbacks

Another victim of the pandemic: the Sherwood Hotel in Taipei

Ten days ago I went to the headquarters of AsiaYo, a Taiwanese company which a couple of years ago started as a small competitor of seemingly almighty AirBnb, but on the island seems to have outplayed its big brother.

They contacted me in 2016, when through AirBnb I was renting out a room in Tamsui, a popular tourist destination on the northern coast of Taiwan, and we successfully worked together for almost two years.

Unfortunately, due to their great success, nowadays they only cooperate with registered home stays, so our conversation wasn’t really very fruitful. They were friendly, though firm in their “no”.

By coincidence, during a meeting yesterday I heard from an insider that AsiaYo is also heavily involved with quarantine hotels. That’s why they might reject what’s peanuts for them…

The other bad news that I received was that, due to the seemingly endless pandemic made worse for propagandistic reasons, a plan which involved tourism from and to Spain isn’t going to materialize anytime soon.

This means that I will definitely have to shift the focus away from my once dearest project, at least until early 2023, and concentrate on other things.

Luckily, there are still a few remaining options left, especially writing my cats’ amazing story and finally becoming Taiwan’s German meat ball king as the sale of Spanish tortillas turned out to be more complicated than expected.

Those who are in touch with me on Facebook know that on my latest post Max looks pretty happy and healthy. As always, I will keep you posted. For the moment, I wish you all Merry Christmas!