Reorganizing my schedule

A busy schedule

Another month has gone by without me publishing a real article, not just an update. Therefore I have decided to ration my time more effectively and will try to dedicate at least a few hours to writing every day.

The culinary project, currently focusing on the sale of Spanish tortillas in Taiwan, takes up a lot of time. Though this should be no excuse to neglect my blog, in which I have invested a lot of time and effort.

My dear Max is doing fine and yesterday I cried tears of joy about his miraculous recovery when he was pouring loudly while sitting on my lap, which has now become one of his favorite places to relax.

Only by looking back at the way over 300 postings in one year, which began during the confinement in Valencia, I start to realize that I could and should be proud of the intellectual work done back in Spain.

As a good friend put it: “You don’t have to agree with the content, but you have to admit that it’s well written and well researched.” In times where the level of journalism has reached new lows, that’s a true compliment.

As I stated before, I won’t make any promises that I can’t keep. However, after being a little depressed during the last couple of days, I now feel motivated to retake writing, also on my book. Let’s hope that the results will be visible soon.

As always, thanks for your understanding and patience!