After six weeks


It´s amazing how times flies! Six weeks have passed since my last post, which means that at the end I wasn’t able to resume regular activity on this blog in October, despite having two very interesting topics.

This is an unfortunate situation, but decorating the flat and above all my Spanish tortilla project, totally unrelated to the Mexican variety of the same name, not to mention a few visits to the veterinarian, have kept me very busy.

At the same time, my dear Max is continuing his recovery, getting me out of the bed in the middle of the night because he had finished all the food that I prepared before going to sleep.

So now the challenge will be to make my female cat Leni lose weight. Sometimes I have the impression that the kilos that Max lost this summer were magically transferred to her…

I better don’t promise any new articles in the near future, though it’s very likely that from now on I will have more time to write again, including the amazing story of the two cats that travelled 25,000 kilometers!

As always, thanks for your understanding and patience!