The worst seems to be over

Finally there has been some progress.

On the very last day of September I’m finally able to post again, almost only good news this time, including the announcement that I will try my best to post more regularly from October on, mostly on Taiwan-related topics.

My dear cat Max is finally recovering from his depression and gaining weight, an astonishing 300 grams during the last week. I recently got the results of my free health check here and there are almost no problems. I seem to get fitter with age…

The fact that next Wednesday I will undergo a little dental surgery at a reasonable price doesn´t ruin the good mood I´m in. I have known my Taiwanese dentist for more than 20 years and I fully trust him, as we became good friends a long time ago.

On Monday my new British roommate will move in, directly from his quarantine hotel on the northern coast. He loves felines, speaks Spanish and is learning Chinese, so we should get along quite well.

Yesterday I realized that both shower heads are broken. The reaction to my notification to the real estate agent that handles everything related to the flat, because the owner lives in China, baffled me: for the moment, they are willing to replace only one…

This reminded me again of the circumstance that I decided to live in a completely different cultural environment, where such things are handled differently. Though this doesn’t mean at all that Taipei isn’t the only place where I want to live for the rest of my life.