Settling down and taking care of Max

Sick Max, enjoying his new crocodile bed

It has been a while since I last posted mainly for two reasons: I got very busy trying to find an apartment in Taipei City or its suburbs. At the end of last month I finally succeeded and at the beginning of August I moved to a neighborhood close to Songshan International Airport. Then I had to find suitable furniture to decorate a completely empty flat, which also took longer than expected.

The second reason is that my dear cat Max got seriously ill. He didn’t react very well to the fact that he had to move three times in less than one month. Without me by his side, he apparently got severely depressed and stopped eating as well as drinking. An operation was needed to save his life. At the beginning a good friend took care of him, but now it’s my turn to feed him six times a day.

Still, I sincerely hope that from September on I will be able to post more regularly again. Meanwhile, I can only ask for your comprehension and thank you again for your support.