Readapting to Taipei

One of Taipei's most important tourist attractions, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, at dusk

I was allowed to leave the mandatory strict hotel quarantine three weeks ago and have since then moved twice. First into the shared apartment which I found on the Internet, which unfortunately soon turned out not to be at all what I had imagined, although my expectations hadn’t been very high in the first place.

My weird experiences with the strange main tenant, a fellow German who obviously has spent too much time alone, in his cockroach-infested flat will be the subject of a separate article.

When for the above mentioned reasons last weekend I couldn’t stand it there anymore, I left after a good friend, who currently takes care of my cats, which had to move out even earlier, found another provisional accommodation for me in the area of New Taipei City she has been living for over 20 years.

It’s a little place with a small balcony that can be rented monthly, conveniently located near the metro, a traditional market which offers plenty of excellent fruits and vegetables, various supermarkets, a surprising number of clinics, and many little shops that cater to every need you may have.

One day after my spontaneous, but indeed necessary relocation, by sheer luck a young, capable and very friendly real estate agent showed me a flat that I liked immediately. The owner was present and I hope that I caused the right impression, as of course I’m not the only candidate for such a reasonably priced jewel.

He said he would have to talk to his mother, who until recently lived there, and decide in the course of one week to whom to rent out her property. This afternoon the agent told me that he would put in a good word for me. So wish me luck!

Afterwards I checked again the rental platform that I have been using a lot recently, though there wasn’t much which draw my attention. I will have to patiently wait for a few more days. Then the uncertainty will be finally over or the search will start from zero…