A sign of life from Taiwan

I'm still in quarantine in a hotel in Taipei, separated from my cats.

Dear readers, after a long break I decided to show a sign of life on my 54th birthday. While I’m still in strict confinement in a quarantine hotel in Taipei, I can’t believe that I have been back in Taiwan for almost two weeks now. Although it’s definitely not the best time to return as the coronavirus has finally hit the island quite strongly, I’m still glad that my cats and I were ultimately able to make it after nine long and arduous months of preparations.

Multiple setbacks due to the ongoing pandemic, some laughable bureaucratic requirements by the Asian side and new moronic regulations established by KLM couldn’t stop us. It actually surprised me how calm the cats were during check-in. Did they instinctively know that they were going home to their native Formosa? We will never find out, though their safe arrival and fast quarantine are the best present that I could imagine!

Most likely the old blog won’t be continued, as I’m seriously thinking about a completely new format and a stronger focus on Asian and Taiwanese topics in particular. Considering that the only remaining English print newspaper in Taiwan, Taipei Times, has never hidden its strong preferences for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), resulting in quite biased reporting, a critical voice to accompany President Tsai Ying-wen’s remaining three years in power is needed more than ever. I’m therefore counting on your future support! Thanks!