Jim Eagle has landed in Washington

An American eagle, the national bird of the USA, pictured in Alaska

After more than two months in power and therefore later than any other President of the United States, Joe Biden on March 26th, 2021 finally hold his first press conference at the White House, which was confirmed just one day earlier.

A reporter who found the supposedly most powerful man in the world wandering around got the impression that he wasn’t even aware of the scheduled event and more or less had to be shoved out into the limelight.

Once he started talking, Sleepy Joe lived up to his nickname. Following a pregnant pause, Biden wasn’t able to finish the sentence about what he wanted to get done, but at least reassured everybody that it would happen anyway. He then paused again and again, appearing to be lost.

How pathetic is it when the current US President has to read in public notes written by his staff to explain his homeland’s most relevant policy positions?

It was very painful to watch somebody who definitely should be in a nice retirement home to make a fool out of himself again, though no critical remarks about his obvious cognitive decline or his recent stumbling while trying to enter the presidential plane were made.

In reality, some of those present reminded me more of claqueurs than of journalists, especially the Black woman who called her dear White leader a moral, decent man.

The lady from national state media bluntly said that because of Biden’s personal qualities, immigrants wouldn’t listen to his advice to stay home, but arrive in the US to entrust him with unaccompanied minors.

Of course she didn’t mention that those large numbers of illegals pouring into the country at its southern border represent a tremendous problem, especially during a deadly pandemic which as of today has killed nearly 560,000 US citizens.

It was most remarkable that no questions at all regarding COVID-19 were asked, as if the deadly coronavirus mysteriously went into hiding after his hated predecessor Donald Trump unwillingly emptied his office in mid-January 2021.

There are many international implications as well, as somebody not up to such an important job could easily start a war by accident. His dangerous, irresponsible and rude comments on March 18th, when he called Russian President Vladimir Putin a killer who would have to pay an unspecified price for his actions, are indeed a bad omen.

America’s other rivals, China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela undoubtedly listened very carefully to what Biden was at least trying to let them know.

The Red Mandarins, whom during the first though talks between the new progressive US administration and Peking’s representatives held on March 19th in Anchorage took unprecedented liberties and used BLM to openly attack alleged systemic racism in God’s own country, will be especially pleased that their counterpart is a senile weakling.

Although the fact that Biden announced that he was running again in 2024 gave the whole thing an unintentionally funny touch, some assured that there was an audible gasp of horror from behind the curtain which sounded very much like Vice President Kamala Harris, to whom her boss very recently referred to as “President”.

In this context, he joked about missing Trump. I personally really do, as the Orange Man knows how to run the show and his public appearances were quite entertaining, no matter if you agreed with him or not.

Once again, Biden emphasized the unity that according to polling data he was successfully spreading all over the nation. It’s an empty slogan that still might be recycled during his improbable reelection campaign.

This statement is simply laughable, considering that those in his party spreading hate of everything that the US is based on continue to be the biggest impediment for a coming together of all Americans.

Last year the filibuster procedure, where one or more members of the US Senate debate over a proposed piece of legislation to delay or entirely prevent a decision being made on the proposal, was widely used by the Democrats.

Nevertheless, Biden agreed with a quote from former President Barak Obama calling it a remnant of the Jim Crow laws, which had enforced racial segregation in the South since the late 19th century and were finally abolished under Lyndon B. Johnson (1908-1973) in 1965.

At the same time, he also stated that asking (mostly Black) Americans to provide an identification card while voting was utterly pernicious and drew a comparison nobody understood.

By introducing Jim Eagle, the big brother of Jim Crow, Biden showed real creativity. However, this weird analogy implicated that a proper identification before voting must be seen as worse the lynching of Blacks decades ago. If a leading politician has such a warped understanding of history, what is his vision for the future?


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