France bans defenders of Europe’s distinct cultural identity

The lambda logo of the Identitarians represents the Greek letter "Λ".

The Identitarian Movement or Identitarianism is a pan-European nativist movement asserting the undeniable right of Europeans and peoples of European descent to claim their culture and territories.

Génération Identitaire, the youth wing of its French branch Les Identitaires formed in April 2003, campaigned against crime, Islamisation and anti-White racism.

Seen as a radical fringe group by the mainstream media because an alleged member of its predecessor tried to assassinate President Jacques Chirac (1932-2019) on Bastille Day 2002, it claimed to have about 4,000 members, although this number was never confirmed.

The organization first grabbed headlines in October 2012 with a brief online video that wasn’t supposed to be simply a manifesto, but was titled “A declaration of war”.

A group of young French filmed close-up tell the camera they are the victims of leftist 1968ers who wanted to free themselves from tradition as well as knowledge and authority in education, though only managed to evade their own responsibilities.

They reject the global village concept and denounce the total failure of coexistence, which led to ethnic divide and the threat of being killed for refusing someone a cigarette.

After discovering their roots, these conservative rebels don’t believe anymore that total strangers will ever become their brothers and deplore forced miscegenation, much-trumpeted diversity, multicultural collapse and a bankrupt social system that discriminates against locals.

About a month later, they engaged in direct action for the first time by occupying the roof of a mosque under construction in the city of Poitiers, using the building the display slogans.

It was a reminder that nearby in October 732 Frankish nobleman Charles Martel (676-741) and his Christian armies won an important battle against those Moorish forces which had already conquered most of Spain.

But its biggest publicity stunt was an operation in the Alps on April 21st, 2018 along the Italian border, an open frontier thanks to the European Union’s Schengen Agreement.

To protest against this hotspot for illegal immigration, about a hundred people dressed in blue police jackets set up plastic fences, unveiled a giant banner and used two helicopters to patrol the area, fueling the impression that they were representing the French state.

For masquerading as officers during the Alpine show, in August 2019 three members were specifically sentenced to six months in prison: president Clement Gandelin, spokesman Romain Espino and Damien Lefevre.

At the same time, all were deprived of their civil rights, notably not being able to vote in any elections, for five years.

Génération Identitaire rejects the traditional Republican approach that treats the nation’s citizens as simply French regardless of their origins and sees European ethnic and cultural identity as inseparable.

Therefore, those who are carrying out the systematic destruction of the Old Continent by eradicating its unique values and flooding it with foreigners who are unwilling or incapable of assimilation, consider them an immense threat.

In consequence, France on March 3rd, 2021 finally outlawed Génération Identitaire, and condemned it as “the armed wing of extremism and xenophobia”.

French Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin (born 1982) announced it had been banned by decree because it promoted “discrimination, hate and violence” and had taken the form of a private militia.

Darmanin had already raised the possibility of dissolving Génération Identitaire on January 19th when it deployed around thirty activists in cars bearing the message “Defend Europe” to the Pyrenees, the mountain range dividing France and Spain, where they used surveillance drones.

Ultimately, the group appears to have contravened a French law banning “incitement to discriminate against a person or group because of their origin” by demonizing Muslims.

The government said actions by Génération Identitaire fomented hostility against immigrants in general, for example by calling teacher Samuel Paty “a victim of the immigrant invasion”.

Paty was killed and beheaded on October 16th, 2020 outside his school in a Paris suburb by a young unrelated Muslim invader from Chechnya after he showed cartoons portraying Muhammad, one of them exposing his genitals, to explain freedom of expression in the West.

The handling of Génération Identitaire has proven once again that this basic right is being eroded by those who claim to defend democracy and liberty, while in reality they are the fifth column of Islam and other very harmful ideologies.


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