Berlin revisited

Opponents of Donald Trump demonstrate in Berlin before the 2016 US Election.

During my 13 years in Berlin, where I attended university and later took care of my disabled father before emigrating to Taiwan in 1999, outside my inner circle I usually had to hide my conservative views.

One of the reasons why I permanently left the city where I was born, but to which I never felt really connected, was the pseudo tolerance of those who consider themselves very tolerant, though in reality are extremely narrow-minded.

One could be a violent left-wing extremist or even a sexual pervert. However, defenders of values like patriotism or a more traditional family concept were frowned upon and the situation hasn’t improved.

Today something happened that made me feel like I had traveled back in time when a friend informed me that he wasn’t interested in talking to me (for the moment?) because I have expressed doubts about the result of the US Election in November 2020.

He was also distressed about me using the term “Sleepy Joe” for the new US President. Considering Biden’s actual mental condition, in fact that’s a quite lenient nickname.

There’s enough proof that he’s senile, if not half demented and likely not up to such a relevant and demanding job. That the Democrats chose him as a presidential candidate says a lot about the state there are in.

Anyway, I guess that the real problem is the person who coined that quite unflattering term for his political opponent, because he has consistently been portrayed as the incarnation of evil since he announced his first candidacy back in 2015.

Probably my buddy also hasn’t noticed yet that I have referred to Donald Trump as the “Orange Man” a couple of times and that’s not precisely a compliment either.

Recently an older lady who used to be very kind to me and with whom I had very regular contact suddenly disappeared from my life. I have no proof for this affirmation, but I dare to say that it was related to the new tenant of the White House as well.

After being repeatedly provoked, I said to her acquaintances that I will have to endure four years of Biden or, better said, Kamala Harris, another dubious figure who made it big through the back door.

I assume that this heretical message quickly came to her ears and simply caused her to shut down immediately. She is presumably as disappointed about my conventions as I am about her reaction.

The rather irrational hate toward Trump, relentlessly fomented by the mainstream media even after he lost his position under suspicious circumstances, will never die.

I’m afraid that the ghosts of the past will continue to haunt me in the 21st century. The big difference is that I’m now more than willing to confront them.


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