An “idea” attacking the Democrats just after Biden’s inauguration

Masked Antifa members in Portland, Oregon in October 2018

In the evening of January 20th, 2021, the day that Joe Biden, or better said Kamala Harris, officially took possession of the White House after the questionable 2020 US Election results were finally validated by the US Congress on January 6th, Oregon’s capital Portland was haunted again by the Antifa violence that has been going on for months.

Sleepy Joe, who during the first presidential debate on September 29th, 2020 said that the far left terrorist group was merely “an idea, not an organization” and that White supremacists posed a greater danger to the country, was proven wrong again.

Self-proclaimed enemies of the State under any circumstances, mostly spoiled, pampered, indoctrinated, young self-hating Whites from middle or upper-class backgrounds, demonstrated to push for even faster policy changes than what Biden has already announced.

At least 150 of those cowards, masked as usual, marched on Portland’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building, calling for the federal agency to be abolished immediately as they can’t wait to see traditional America destroyed.

A crowd carrying Molotov cocktails, knives and batons clashed with police officers outside, throwing rocks and eggs. Doors and windows were smashed, a small dumpster was set on fire and graffiti was sprayed.

Dressed in black and carrying banners reading “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge for Police murders, Imperialist wars and Fascist massacres» and «We are ungovernable”, around 200 other political criminals had earlier attacked the Democratic Party offices in the city’s central district.

Although the Democrats have nurtured such despicable creatures and defended their illegal actions during their common struggle against Donald Trump’s rather conservative politics, they seemed surprised and issued a hypocritical statement expressing great disappointment at the damage to its headquarters.

The very existence of these pathetic clowns isn’t only denied by many wishy-washy Liberals like Biden without any outcry of the so-called defenders of democracy, they are even viewed as a mostly benevolent counterpart to the supposedly omnipresent evil Rightists.

Antifa and its violent, subversive and parasitic nature is just another cancer that infects the permissive and decadent Western world, which it quickly losing its way in the fierce contest with other aggressive ideologies like Chinese Nationalism, Islam and Pan-Africanism.

In countries like Germany, Antifa is financed by the central government not only through generous welfare payments to its members, but also indirectly through subsidies to all kinds of leftist organizations.

Biden’s empty rhetoric about reuniting America following the allegedly divisive Trump years can’t hide the fact that he and his followers will be the gravediggers of the United States as we know them. Permitting Antifa to continue its rampage is only the first handful of sand on its coffin.


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