US President Donald Trump finally accepts dubious Election results

The US Capitol in Washington from the west side

Apparently, at the Georgia Senate Elections on January 5th, 2021 some of the same suspicious occurrences, like the sudden appearance of a disproportionate amount of votes for the Democrats and the malfunctioning of voting machines that marred the US presidential election on November 3rd, 2020, could be observed.

The next day, supporters of US President Donald Trump inexplicably got the opportunity to storm the Capitol in Washington. It remains to be seen who is ultimately responsible for such a serious breach of security in one of the most protected areas in the United States.

The tragic result is one female Republican voter shot dead live by police and three other people succumbing to medical emergencies in the course of this unfortunate incident, for which as expected the progressive media blamed the Orange Man alone.

These are exactly the same leftist journalists who remained silent or tried to justify the extremely violent incidents caused by terrorist organizations like Antifa and BLM for months, especially in Portland.

After Vice President Mike Pence stated that he didn’t have the unilateral authority to reject any electoral votes and the US Congress early on January 7th finally certified Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s much disputed victory, Trump promised an «orderly transition» on January 20th.

Boasting like often, Trump spoke of “the end of the greatest first term in presidential history”, which for all those who hate him and what he stands for is just another proof of his arrogance, condescendence and aloofness.

Though the problem isn’t that such a controversial figure has to leave his position as the most powerful man on earth in such a disgraceful manner, but how this was all possible as well as what and who comes behind.

Trump’s remarkable successes, like the final recognition of Israel by three Muslim nations in a few months, his convincing economic policy even in the middle of a pandemic or his contributions towards a better integration of minorities, especially Blacks, were either denied or ignored.

Poor old dodderer Biden, who hardly left his basement during the whole campaign, and race hustler Kamala Harris, who dropped out of the race in late 2019 only to reemerge through the backdoor due to her skin color and gender, in times like these are the worst possible choice.

Their abstruse Eco-socialist ideas will only accelerate the downfall of the US and the West. Therefore, this is a very sad day for those that have some common sense left.


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