CNN, Trump and the truth

The CNN logo in front of CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia

Believe it or not, about 30 years ago I decided not to replace the broken old television set in the flat I was renting from a good friend in Berlin. To be honest, while living in Taipei I had one for about six months before that too went bust. I had simply inherited it from my former Nicaraguan roommate, who moved to New York. Therefore I have spent most of my life without an “idiot box” and never regretted it.

Apparently, this pejorative, though accurate term was coined by current US President Donald Trump while for the first fourteen seasons he hosted The Apprentice, a successful American reality television program, starting in 2004.

The show supposedly afforded him the huge popularity that in November 2016 contributed to his rise to the presidency of the United States, which he assumed in January 2017.

As many suspicious activities have been reported during his apparently failed bid for reelection this year, Trump and his team immediately decide to invoke the law. US Attorney General Bill Barr today authorized prosecutors to look into “substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities.”

Here the circle closes: CNN on November 8th incorrectly announced that the Democrats’ candidate Joe Biden had won the recent presidential election, thus proclaiming him the 46th President of the United States.

But that’s not the only reason why I dislike this American broadcasting company, founded in 1980 by “Ted” Turner (born 1938) and «Reese» Schonfeld (1931-2020).

I stopped watching CNN many years ago because I got very tired of their constant repetitions and annoying advertising, which quickly gave me the impression that somehow they had to fill those 24 hours on the air, 365 days each year.

The tendentious reporting was also a factor, though I would have never imagined that one day CNN would completely abandon the path of serious journalism and basically become producers of pure propaganda.

Their Trump-bashing will go down in history as a particularly repugnant example of biased information. It’s also true that the Orange Man would provide plenty of ammunition for their vicious attacks and that he wasn’t afraid at all of fighting back, but once they had crossed a certain red line, there was no coming back.

If Redeemer Barack Obama, without doubt is one of the most overrated politicians of all times just couldn’t do anything wrong, Donald Trump, the personification of evil, just couldn’t do anything right.

Together with self-proclaimed progressive social media giants Facebook and Twitter, who recently even censored and blocked Trump’s tweets, CNN relentlessly reported stories that by its own standards would easily be considered fake news, like the much-trumpeted Russian interference in the 2016 US election. These greatly influenced public opinion in a very negative way.

In consequence, his administration on July 27th, 2020 took an important step toward fulfilling an executive order on social media, formally asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) based in Washington to develop regulations that could apply to various tech platforms.

Unfortunately, Trump might be running out of time and the censorship of conservative opinions will only increase if radical Leftists like Kamala Harris are allowed into the White House.

In consequence, if he does lose this fight against the mighty establishment, an unholy coalition of globalists, social justice warriors (often self-hating Whites) and resentful minorities, Trump has the opportunity to start his own channel.

That would be a blessing, because if confessed Socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez succeed in gaining more power and influence, there’s the danger that well-balanced news coverage will basically be restricted to small niches.

CNN has already set a dangerous precedent for all dictators around the globe who are afraid of the truth. Do these liberal extremists really have the right to criticize countries like China?

The problem is that CNN and their cronies aren’t afraid or ashamed of openly showing their one-sided preferences. That’s why it would be in the interest of all those who cherish freedom of speech that Trump ultimately wins the polls after the month-long battle that started this morning.


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