Sleepy Joe’s premature “victory speech”

Vice presidential candidate Joe Biden

After CNN announced that he had won the recent presidential election, Joe Biden has proclaimed himself the 46th President of the United States. At the end Biden most likely will replace Donald Trump in the White House, but currently he can’t be 100% sure and should act accordingly.

In his obviously premature “victory speech”, Sleepy Joe used the same empty phrases that make a mockery of the Democrats’ strategy against Trump and his supporters during the last four years.

This poor old dodderer, who sometimes didn’t know where he was or against whom he was running, introduced people to his dead son Beau and spoke of 200 million coronavirus victims in the US alone, pretends to unite the nation supposedly divided by the Orange Man.

This is outright preposterous, as the Democrats and their mighty backers have created an atmosphere of fear where many Republicans simply don’t dare to admit that they are satisfied with the leader of the so-called Free World, who all in all has done a great job during his presidency.

It’s obvious that Trump mishandled the pandemic, but which Western head of state didn’t and wasn’t shot down in flames by the media? Even Australia, a remote continent, keeps struggling with its consequences! New Zealand seems to be a laudable exception.

At the same time, Trump quickly created millions of jobs to replace those suddenly lost, achieved unexpected new peace deals in the Middle East between Israel and some of its Arab neighbors, stood up to China and didn’t lead the US to war-something that we hadn’t seen in decades.

I can fully understand that many dislike his arrogant, condescending, rude behavior and his sometimes caustic comments. To ridicule late war hero John McCain (1936-2018) was simply stupid and very insensitive.

It looks like his faux-pas cost him the electors from McCain’s home state of Arizona, usually a stronghold of the Grand Old Party (GOP). If that justifies McCain’s family publicly supporting Trump’s bitter political foes is a different kettle of fish.

Besides their open contempt for rowdy Trump, senile Biden and sinister Kamala Harris keep repeating the silly mantra of (inexistent) “systemic racism” in God’s own country.

By doing so, they are already deepening the divide among Americans as it’s needless to say that they only refer to Whites discriminating against all other races, which for mysterious reasons are just unable to dislike those that don’t look like themselves.

I have to admit that I switched off Biden’s blah-blah very fast. Contrary to Trump, often misquoted if not slandered, Biden is the real liar: he lied about his educational background and his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement as well as his position regarding fracking and fossil energy during the second presidential debate this year.

His comments about Blacks are also problematic. He referred to Barack Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” Recently he told another person of color that he wouldn’t be considered as such if he didn’t support him…

Nevertheless, Biden likes to present himself as the self-styled defender of truth. This won’t be possible and not even worth trying if the increasingly authoritarian Democrats with clear socialist tendencies don’t get off their high horse and show more respect for those whom they were supposed to easily defeat at the polls.

America deserves better than a fragile old man who is simply the puppet of globalists, social justice warriors and self-hating Caucasians who can’t wait to destroy everything that makes their homeland unique and attracts immigrants from all over the world.


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