Who is the real winner of the 2020 US election?

US presidential election results 2016 by states

Although it looks like both Republicans and Democrats will end up before the Supreme Court to decide if there’s going to be a decisive change in the White House, the clear winners of the 2020 US election are democracy and common sense, not nationalism and xenophobia.

Four years ago, Donald Trump’s not so unexpected victory seemed to be a last desperate rearing of those White Americans who in the country they shaped for centuries correctly see themselves becoming a minority in the foreseeable future.

California, more and more a failed state for very different reasons, has been leading the way for the last two decades. It is nowadays the symbol of a paradise for leftist yuppies, from which more and more ordinary citizens are forced to flee.

Today, it’s obvious that many of those of immigrated to the US later and even a significant number of Blacks have voted for Trump because of his record after four years in office.

In 1992, candidate Bill Clinton coined the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid!” and later bet incumbent president George Bush. Obviously, his successors have forgotten his iconic words…

On the contrary, vaguely disguised radical socialist ideas about a very deep state, postulated by militant feminists Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as well as old Bolshevik Bernie Sanders, got the upper hand and reminded many Latinos of the horrendous experiments in the countries they had escaped from.

Harris failed miserably as an early candidate for the presidency and blamed it on her gender and ethnic background. In the West, supposedly plagued by systemic racism and sexism, that’s always the easiest choice.

In a way it’s admirable how the Democrats managed to pick up somebody to take care of poor old dodderer Joe Biden who seems even more unpleasant than Hillary Clinton and thought they would easily win.

What Trump, the democratically elected leader of what most people still consider the world’s most powerful nation, had to endure during his first term defies description.

Most of the self-proclaimed progressive media in the West have been targeting him since he won in 2016 in a way that can only be described as extremely biased, unfair and hostile.

Together with seemingly omniscient poll institutes they trumpeted a walkover for Biden, who beginning with the primaries wasn’t up to the job and looked increasingly fragile and confused as the months went by.

At the same time, Democrats have openly supported terrorist groups like Black Live Matters and Antifa, overwhelmingly formed by Caucasian extremists consumed by self-hate. Biden went so far to deny the latter’s very existence, calling it a mere ideology.

That’s preposterous, considering that both of them have been causing havoc in cities all over the United States for months by looting, killing and destroying property, often financially ruining small shop-owners who belong to racial minorities.

That Trump most likely will stay in power or have to concede a narrow defeat clearly demonstrates that many Americans from various cultural backgrounds support law and order, something that those who want to defund the police obviously don’t do.

The fact that this absurd concept is largely discussed in public indicates how much the West has declined already. Particularly China and Russia are drawing their own conclusions about this.

Despite all the hateful propaganda against him and his supporters, many of whom don’t dare to state their preference in public anymore, Trump has done impressively well.

His result must therefore also be considered a triumph for democracy and free speech, which is more and more under threat from (social) media, whose bosses don’t hide their autocratic tendencies anymore.

A takeover by Biden, or better said Harris, will send a fatal signal to struggling nations like Chile, where leftists are currently trying to get rid of General Augusto Pinochet’s positive legacy.

The ghost of Communist Salvador Allende is knocking at the door: not only in Santiago, but also in Washington. It’s already haunting Madrid. I would like to invite those who think that I’m exaggerating to visit Spain!


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