Why I prefer the company of Asian women

I have never dated an indigenous girl in Taiwan, but I wouldn’t mind.

After reading one of my first articles, a friend kindly suggested that I probably presupposed too much knowledge about Asian women among my European readers, giving me the idea to reflect on some personal experiences with Taiwanese ladies from 1999 to 2018, when I temporarily returned to the Old Continent.

Let’s begin with my first local girlfriend. I found her mobile number on a German-Chinese language exchange ad, posted on a wooden board at a university. After talking on the phone, we met after a couple of days at my new small apartment in Taipei, which didn’t have a washing machine.

That Saturday I wanted to find a laundry first and then explore with her a city that had changed a lot in the ten years that I had been far away. Well, we walked around the neighborhood for at least half an hour with a big bag full of dirty clothes.

The places we found charged a lot more than expected and I abandoned my original idea. Suddenly, she said that she could do me a favor and wash my stuff in the basement of her dormitory, where it was ridiculously cheap to so. Gladly surprised, but also a little embarrassed, I accepted.

We enjoyed the rest of the evening together on a night market and agreed to meet again a week later, as she would have to return the pack to me. Before she left, I told her that she had been quite incautious by coming to a total stranger’s flat on the very first day and that not everybody was I nice as the first German she ever met. She felt quite embarrassed.

When she reappeared the next weekend after accomplishing her mission, I didn’t waste much time: she was young, very beautiful and seemingly interested in me. We became a couple that weekend.

We stayed together for about a year, during which the roles were slowly reversed and I realized that she could be quite selfish as well. Though 21 years later and despite some serious differences in the past, we still keep in touch.

After our separation, I had an affair with a slightly older lady. I will never forget how amazed I was when during a nice seafood dinner she started peeling shrimps for me. Having spent more than a decade in a feminist madhouse like Berlin, I felt like being on another planet.

Although many people thought we were made for each other and there will always be a very special bond between us, due to various factors that wonderful time only lasted for a couple of months. It took me a while to recover from that disappointment as it had been too good to be true!

But even afterwards, no matter how busy she was, she would do me all the favors that I asked her for without ever giving me a face. I showed my gratitude by always giving her a birthday present related to her favored animal and I enjoyed the almost childish joy reflected on her face.

My former long-term partner in Taiwan has a very different personality, which makes her stand out among the crowd. She’s kind of strong and not the type that one would associate with a shy little Asian girl.

Nevertheless, and although we finally separated, over the years she has proven her reliability to me: she paid back her debts at a crucial moment, would fix my computer, drive me around on her scooter or get me more affordable imported food through the restaurant she was working at.

In return, I granted her the freedom she needed and wouldn’t get from a Taiwanese male, while treating her with great respect and being there for her when she wasn’t feeling well.

All this doesn’t imply that Taiwanese women are mostly weak, servile or dependent on man. On the contrary: Taiwan has the highest percentage of single, financially independent women in the region.

That clearly doesn’t make them much happier, though nowadays at least they have a real choice. They don’t have to marry for money if they want to. For whatever reason, I never attracted the materialistic type anyway.

At the same time, those unfamiliar with the situation would be surprised about how dominant they can actually be despite their apparent fragility, especially concerning the “housekeeping allowance”.

Being permanently with an Asian sweetheart is no easy task, especially concerning the family obligations that a marriage implies. You don’t just marry her…

So it’s at all not about disliking strong females personalities. It’s about not getting along with misguided Western women, unable to distinguish between mainstream feminism on one side as well as emancipation and equality on the other, something nowadays every rational man in their environment supports.

They reject their preferential role in the modern societies they live in and instead prefer to play tough, obviously without ever becoming men. At the end of the day they must be considered very unhappy hybrid creatures, which make all normal males feel uncomfortable, masochists excluded.

That’s why I’m looking forward to soon go back to Taiwan, where there’s a higher chance of finding a nice girlfriend or even a spouse. Keeping her can prove to be quite tricky, though that’s a different story.


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