How low can the Spanish Prime Minister fall?

The dead terrorist that Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will miss: Igor González Sola

Responding to a question in the Spanish Senate by a member of EH Bildu, the parliamentary extension of ETA, the former Basque terrorist group that disbanded in 2018 after killing around 860 people, on September 8th, 2020 Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez expressed his deep sorrow for the death of Igor González Sola (1972-2020).

Arrested and sentenced to 20 years for collaboration with an armed gang, hiding weapons and falsifying official documents in 2005, González Sola committed suicide on September 4th in his cell in the Martutene prison in San Sebastián, to which he had been transferred only recently.

Having served three-quarters of his sentence in March of this year, the terrorist was as the first ETA prisoner to be sent to the Basque Country under the current government formed by Socialists and Communists.

González Sola was a former member of the Donosti Command, whose actions included the kidnapping and murder by a shot in the neck of the young center-right Partido Popular (PP) councilman Miguel Ángel Blanco in July 1997, an event that shocked the whole nation.

Sánchez not only refrained from calling González Sola a terrorist, but he avoided that term for the notorious ETA group as well. In a compassionate way, he seemed to profoundly lament the death of a ruthless fanatic.

It’s the same cold and calculating politician who took months to show the slightest signs of condolence for the tens of thousands of Spaniards killed by the coronavirus pandemic and denied them a state funeral, staging a pitiful secular ceremony instead.

The man who is also Secretary-General of the Socialist Party PSOE wants Bildu’s votes to approve the General State Budget for 2021. To reach agreements, Sánchez will continue to suck up to EU Bildu. This proves again that ETA hasn´t been defeated. The murderers haven’t surrendered, they have just moved into Parliament.

In exchange for the promise to repeal a labor reform approved in 2012 by his conservative predecessor Mariano Rajoy, he already obtained the support of the radicals for the last extension of the state of alarm in May 2020.

Despite his constant calls for national unity, his concept doesn’t actually include center-left parties like Ciudadanos. Sánchez prefers to side with those that want to repeal the current Constitution and destroy Spain. Before coming to power, he kept denying that there would ever be a pact with those forces who defend terrorism or openly practice separatism.

Nevertheless, it has become very obvious whom Sánchez appreciates and whom he despises. As some of his sharpest critics say, he might turn out to be the worst democratic leader in Spanish history.


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