My apologies

I had to take a little involuntary break from my blog.

I would like to apologize to my readers for not having posted anything since August 14th. The reason isn’t widespread August laziness, a more relaxed Spanish working attitude or a sudden lack of motivation, after having published every day since the beginning of April 2020.

Last Saturday afternoon, I received an email from my provider that I had exceeded my data base storage capacity. Before I had realized what that actually meant and could discuss what to do with a good friend, through another notice I was blocked from accessing my blog and couldn’t post.

Considering the leisure cult followed in Europe, it was obvious to me that nothing positive would happen during the rest of the weekend and that’s exactly how it went. That meant at least two days without updating…

My buddy and I tried to solve the problem by ourselves, though weren’t able to purchase more data capacity online, because neither PayPal nor any credit card would work!

As the more basic service levels provided by this company don’t include consultation by telephone, we could just wait for their written response on Monday. That afternoon I finally received the confirmation that I would have access to more data capacity and this time my Visa card worked.

Well, that didn’t change anything at all. On Tuesday, I was notified that at least my order had been validated. Nevertheless, I still had no access. On Wednesday, they asked me to wait another 12 hours for the process to be finished. Why they need two days for an update remains a mystery to me!

I had continued to write my daily contribution, but that day I started to get frustrated about so much tardiness and in the process, I simply forgot to pen something down for the day. In the evening I wasn’t angry, though surprised about this change in my recent routine.

At last, on Thursday after lunch and merely five days after I was cut off from my blog in less than half an hour due to somebody’s sloppiness, I regained access to it. By then, my original fervor was gone…

As later that day I had two appointments and couldn’t handle two things before that, I decided to go for my almost daily swim instead of updating my page immediately. Yesterday, I even took my first day off!

I’m not sure if this sad episode only reflects pure incompetence or the usually non-existent service mentality in Spain. In any case, it’s almost funny that in a digitized world you have to wait so long for an upgrade, especially in the sector that provides the relevant technology for better communication. It was indeed a sobering experience!


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