Jean Raspail, a pessimistic visionary

French author Jean Raspail (1925-2020) was one of the last representatives of a vanishing world.

Jean Raspail, born on July 5th, 1925 in central France as the son of a factory manager and his wife, has died on June 13th near Paris. Raspail attended private Catholic school and the conservative education would mark him for the rest of his life, as he disliked both Communism and Liberalism. At the beginning of the 1950s, he traveled by car from Tierra del Fuego in southernmost Argentina to the US State of Alaska, and around the former Inca Empire in South America, to better understand populations threatened by their confrontation with modernity.

His best known and eventually visionary work, The Camp of the Saints, was published in 1973. Raspail predicted the collapse of the West from an overwhelming «tidal wave» of Third World Immigration for which it isn’t prepared. Western intellectuals have undermined all traditions, stating that self-assertion is immoral. The Churches preach a false, sentimental charity. Entrepreneurs concentrate on profit maximization and don’t care about common welfare. Politicians are corrupt and soldiers don’t really know for what they should risk their lives for anymore. At the end, the Old Continent falls into the hands of those pitiful and miserable invaders.

The novel has been translated into Afrikaans, Czech, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Polish and Portuguese and Spanish. So far, it had sold over two million copies. Raspail pointed out that in the 21st century such a book couldn´t be published anymore due to all kinds of anti-discrimination and anti-racist laws. Luckily, such restrictions can‘t be applied with retroactive effect (yet).

The latest developments in Europe and the US have proven him right. The consequences of altruistic madness, a fatal combination of misunderstood Christian and Leftist ideas, feeding on self-hate and a collective yearning for death, are indeed destroying Western civilization. An ongoing basically unchecked influx of poor, unqualified people into developed countries will lead to the downfall of both the welfare state and the political system.

Raspail reiterated his pessimistic views in an article co-written in 1985 for French magazine Le Figaro. In «Will France still be French in 2015?» he asserted «the proportion of France’s non-European immigrant population will grow to endanger the survival of traditional French culture, values and identity». In another controversial article for Le Figaro from 2004, entitled «The Fatherland betrayed by the Republic», Raspail criticized the French immigration policy and was subsequently sued for inciting racial hatred by the asylum lobby, but legal action led to nothing.

Compare the 1984 French national football team, when it first won the Euro tournament, with Les Bleus in 2020, and the development is obvious and undeniable. Though the accelerating replacement of Europeans is much celebrated by a brain-washed, culturally alienated civil society, seconded by the media as well as political and educational institutions. Ordinary citizens have been abandoned by their leaders and can only watch in horror how Raspail’s prophecy step by step comes true.


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