Politically correct German murder mystery

International version of the Tatort logo with five rings

“Tatort“ is the oldest German police crime drama and has been running continuously since 1970 on the ARD, the joint organization of Germany’s regional public service broadcasters. It is part of a governmental network financed via a controversial license fee, which currently amounts to 17.50 euros per month. If in Germany you want to watch television or listen to the radio, you have to pay or will get in trouble with the law.

The latest episode was about a woman’s murder in the environment of the right-wing Identitarian Movement (IM), a political ideology asserting the right of European peoples to preserve their original culture and territory in the times of Dechristianization, Islamization, uncontrolled mass immigration, identity loss and cultural Marxism. Not surprisingly, the villain turned out to be the character which looks like a bad copy of Austrian IM activist Martin Sellner. Even somebody skeptical about non-existing balance on postmodern German TV wouldn’t have expected such a primitive plot, where the killer is so obviously based on a real persona non grata.

Another figure in the movie, an aloof female lawyer and potential judge who is supposed to have had an affair with the victim, easily reminded the viewer of Alice Weidel, head of the conservative party Alternative for Germany (AfD). Weidel, in real life a declared lesbian with a foreign partner, three years ago was called a “Nazi slut” by a comedian on a TV show also financed with taxpayer’s money. Her request for an injunction against the program’s re-airing was rejected in court, as the alleged satire is supposed to be secured by the right to freedom of expression. If you have the wrong views, not even your sexual orientation will help you.

Anyway, the lady who had just been murdered was running a video blog called “National and feminine”, which by the way is the title of this botch. She reported about female victims of sex crimes or violent felonies, often committed by illegal migrants, and advocated for a policy of safe borders to protect local women.

The Political Correctness Police, represented accordingly by two female commissioners, one of them of Bavaria and the other of Ugandan descent, can‘t hide their uneasiness while dealing with those evil Identitarians, which becomes evident when the Sellner clone is attacked with a knife by a Leftist. They want to prevent him from taking advantage of the situation, presenting himself as a martyr. Their anger about the fact that he wasn’t killed right away can be considered the moral nadir of this sorry effort. The prosecution of the victim and nationalist circles in general seem to be more important and relevant than finding the culprit.

Nevertheless, it got really embarrassing when the white policewoman has to assure her little son before he goes to sleep that the authorities will be able to handle those fascists properly. Let’s also take the chance to blame the patriarchal structure of society for the murder!

The real purpose of such coarse descriptions is never entertainment. The viewer needs to be educated and vaccinated against a possible thought crime. But this time the brute force method didn’t impress the mainstream media and on social media, it backfired completely: Twitter users opened accounts with fictitious names from the story. Considering the worldwide trend to demonize anybody who takes multiculturalism and globalization with a grain of salt, the next attack by local social justice warriors can be expected soon.


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