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Coronavirus anecdotes from Spain

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Yesterday the death toll in Spain surpassed 13,000 people. The current government formed by Socialists and Communists (PSOE and Unidas Podemos) still won’t admit its responsibility for the disaster and blames alleged cuts in health care spending by the former center-right party PP, using pathetic symbols like a house left with no windows when the storm came. Well, even if that story would be true, the ruling clique had more than two months to fill the empty spaces and didn’t do anything. On the contrary, it boasted about the quality of the medical services in Spain, which would easily deal with a few isolated cases. When exactly did they actually discover the supposedly empty window frames?

Regarding more trivial incidents, in the middle of a strict confinement due to the coronavirus that has just been extended until April 26th, during the weekend Spanish police in Valencia and Alicante arrested drug dealers (called “camels” here), who obviously also wanted to fulfill their business obligations. Three young people dressed as delivery men were in fact supplying cocaine and marijuana to their customers straight at home. Agents noticed that they were carrying containers identical to those used by local delivery services, to hide the narcotics to be distributed to their clients, but acting suspiciously.

In Porcuna, a village of 6,500 inhabitants located in the Andalusian province of Jaén, during Friday of Sorrow nine women dressed totally in black participated in a religious procession wearing mantillas (head scarfs) made out of garbage bags and peinetas (toothed combs) made out of cardboard. They later admitted their wrongdoing and are waiting to receive a fine. The mayor expects a full apology for their offensive behavior to all neighbors.

In a skid row belonging to the province’s homonymous capital, dozens of persons, mostly gypsies, on Saturday took part in a spontaneous street party with music until local police dispersed them. This folkloric event was strongly condemned by the city government, which pointed out that such an attitude wasn’t representative for Jaén.

Another weird case was reported from Barcelona about two weeks ago. After getting a tip from somebody who got invited, but eventually also cold feet, Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan Autonomous Police) were able to arrest eight gay men, who had organized a daylong drug party in a rented apartment, for the possession of illegal substances like cocaine, speed, crystal meth and liquid ecstasy. Probably they were also fined for breaking the week-old confinement order.

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