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Happy 104th birthday, Dame de Havilland!

Congratulations to the most famous movie star from the Golden Age of Hollywood Cinema still alive!

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Gone with the Wind: Hollywood’s history

Western self-proclaimed activists make irrational demands, which have now reached the movie business.

Censorship Customs and traditions Spanish politics

Showing the Spanish national flag now illegal?

There are more worrisome news about freedom of speech in Spain.

Censorship Media and entertainment

Is the BBC biased against Taiwan?

The BBC has reported timely on South Korea’s successful fight against the coronavirus, but ignored Taiwan in the process.

Censorship Spanish politics

Spanish security forces openly admit to censoring government critics

Freedom of speech is more and more in danger in Spain.

Media politics Spanish politics

Victims of a murderously incompetent government, unite! ADCOVID founded in Spain

There is a growing willingness in Spain to hold the current left-wing government responsible for their deadly bungling.