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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Environmental politics

Lovely earthquake island

Unknown to many in the West, Taiwan is blessed with some unique natural beauty. Its 168 mountains that top 3000 meters, squeezed into just 32,260...

The Western recycling expert meets his Eastern master

Recycling in Taipei is nowadays very strict, even more than it used to be when I moved out of the capital in 2014 to...

About plastic bags and straws in Taiwan

Everything has two sides, even environmental protection!

New green tax in Spain on single use packaging

Single use packaging in Spain will be taxed from next summer on.

Valencia in need of better waste management

There’s plenty of room for an improved recycling system in Valencia, and Taipei could serve as an example.

Taiwan’s capital Taipei, a shining pioneer in recycling policy

Started in Taipei 20 years ago, Taiwan's recycling policy should encourage many other countries around the world.

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