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Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman
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For the first time in more than half a year, and since I resumed my regular activity on this project, this week I will be too busy to publish a longer article. But I hope to do so again next week.

That’s because during the last two days, with the help of two people with considerable experience in the gastronomy sector, I have been preparing food for a stand at the Christmas Market of the Taipei European School (TES). I’m extremely grateful for their help.

I managed to secure this excellent opportunity to become better known around the city, and especially among expats, through two new friends whose daughter studies at that institution.

I also take the chance to point out that my readers can now support this blog financially, which has become almost a literary adventure, to help it survive. The method will soon be further improved.

We live in increasingly Orwellian times, where in quite a few supposedly democratic countries we nowadays have Ministries of Equality and Truth, which actually promote the exact opposite of what they claim.

It would also be nice if the people who enjoy my writing style, for which I receive a lot of praise, could spread the word around the world as I often pick topics of global relevance.

Additionally, please like (and follow) me on Facebook. The number of those who have expressed their support there has only increased slightly in recent months.

I honestly believe that my work deserves a much wider circulation than it currently has and you can contribute to that as well. Thank you all for your support and just remember that war ISN’T peace and vice versa…

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