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Motivated by the Dragon Boat Festival

Due to various factors, I haven’t posted here in more two than months, and I started to feel this inner restlessness that is so typical for me. That’s the reason why I spontaneously decided to again write something down. Especially the stand that since April I have been renting monthly at the traditional market where I started to sell my own food a year ago, has kept me extremely busy. That first month I worked every day, promoting two new types of German bread that I began offering on request by some of my clients, who probably never liked the soft,...

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Asian Politics

An evening at the German Institute Taipei

The German Institute Taipei is located on the 33rd floor of Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world from 2004 to 2010, when it...

A short trip to Taiwan’s “Windy City”

After a chaotic business meeting in Taoyuan and a very enjoyable visit to a foreign friend in Zhubei, on the evening of October 28th,...

Taiwan plans to further preserve its Chinese cultural heritage

Sinology is an academic discipline that focuses on the study of China primarily through Chinese philosophy, language, literature, culture and history, often referring to Western...

An election campaign with a very Taiwanese touch

Since 2014, local elections in Taiwan have been unified to a single vote, typically in November, held once every four years. So, on November 26th,...

Lovely earthquake island

Unknown to many in the West, Taiwan is blessed with some unique natural beauty. Its 168 mountains that top 3000 meters, squeezed into just 32,260...

Taiwan Politics

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Desert World Cup

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